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Best Video Store San Francisco 2008 - Le Video

Le Video

Le Video

1231 Ninth Ave.

San Francisco, CA 94122


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The rise of Netflix has picked off plenty of mom-and-pop video stores. The laziness factor of getting movies delivered to your door even affects the most thoughtfully curated shops like Le Video, which, as its name suggests, is owned by an actual French proprietor. And while Netflix may have the quantity, Le Video has the heart. That isn't to say you can't find movies of all kinds at this 28-year-old fixture of the Inner Sunset. Le Video's staggering selection is the strong arsenal that has so far protected it from extinction. Its international selection is so exhaustive that it includes countries like Nepal and Vietnam. Into cult films? At Le Video you can rent all 21 volumes of Grindhouse Follies or 27 volumes of Big Bust Loops. There's more here than can reasonably be covered without the possibility of feeding the parking meter again. Mainstream bases are covered, but it's also a haven for subcultures. It's downright difficult to leave here empty-handed, whether the craving is for a hoity-toity BBC drama or the ultimate in lowbrow underground cult flicks.

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And now you get to keep all the movies (except the new releases) for a whole WEEK making it worthwhile wherever you live to load up on movies. Use the prepaids or one of the packages like 5 for $15 and watch what you want when you want. Every 10 rentals you get a free one. Wednesday you get 2 for the price of 1.

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