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Best Bar to Bridge the Generation Gap San Francisco 2009 - 3300 Club

3300 Club

3300 Club

3300 Mission St.

San Francisco, CA 94110


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Despite San Francisco's cornucopia of bars, watering holes, and dives, few drinking establishments in the city can tout a balanced age demographic. Face facts: Most bars cater to a younger set. A few have a token old guy, sometimes welcome, sometimes not. But the 3300 Club in the Mission runs the gamut. You've got your twentysomethings; then there's the collection of drinkers who could be anywhere from 30 to 48; next are the folks counting down the days to their first Social Security payment; and, finally, genuine old people! They talk to you and everything. Some buy you lottery tickets. Most, inexplicably, have dogs with them. It's just like the real world, but you're in a bar.

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A few have a token old guy, louis vuittonsometimes welcome, sometimes not.

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