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Best Celebrity Blogger San Francisco 2009 - Danielle Steel

Writer Danielle Steel, who resides in the opulent Spreckels mansion in tony Pacific Heights, is most famous for penning melodramatic, guilty-pleasure romance novels with titles like Passion's Promise, Sunset in St. Tropez, and Five Days in Paris. But she also has a blog. It alternates between a record of her everyday life and her philosophical musings, and is written in a breathy, conversational tone punctuated with a surplus of exclamation points. To wit: "Okay, guess — what I am going to be this year? A fairy princess? Dracula? Little Bo Peep? Wonder Woman? NO!!!..... I'm going to be a whoopee cushion for Halloween." Steel writes about family feuds, buying a new Brussels Griffon (it's a kind of dog), Valentine's Day, and parties and auctions in Paris. It's a strange and dizzying foray into the mind of a very rich woman who rarely gives interviews. Whoopee!!!

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It alternates between a replica handbagsrecord of her everyday life and her philosophical musings

Roger H Frost
Roger H Frost

All life is learned in history, for as the prophet Isaiah said: �they seem eager to know my ways, as if they were a nation that does what is right and has not forsaken the commands of the commands of its God� Isaiah 58:2

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