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Best Chance at Being the Next Vampire Weekend San Francisco 2009 - The Morning Benders

New York City band Vampire Weekend seemed an unlikely buzz band, considering how its members play nice, innocuous pop tunes while sporting sweaters and preppy haircuts. And yet it quickly became huge, selling out large venues like Mezzanine and playing prime slots at festivals. The Morning Benders seem like the best local bet to follow in its footsteps. The quartet has the sweet-singing vocalist, the catchy Kinksian melodies, and the good marketing sense (such giving away an endearingly lo-fi disc of covers of the Velvet Underground, Roy Orbison, and Randy Newman). The boys even got picked for Playboy's Rock the Rabbit music supplement, right alongside Q-Tip, MGMT, and, um, Mötley Crüe. The sun is shining bright on these Mornings.

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