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Best Cheap Date San Francisco 2009 - Dolores Park Movie Night

Dolores Park Movie Night

Dolores Park Movie Night

566 Dolores St.

San Francisco, CA 94110


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Volunteer-run, donation-funded, and totally free, Dolores Park Movie Night, while fully permitted, has the raucous feel of a guerrilla screening. The series runs April through October on the second Thursday of the month. Organizers show an awesome array of shlock and high-brow, from Jaws 3D to Delicatessen. If your date isn't the kind of person who's enchanted by a Wayne's World sing-along, well, you probably shouldn't be dating him or her anyway. Settle the object of your affection on a blanket and fetch some freshly popped popcorn, or a tamale from the Tamale Lady, who frequently makes an appearance at screenings. It never really gets warm enough to watch a movie outdoors in San Francisco, so it's imperative that you cuddle up to keep warm. Impress both your date and the audience with your loudly voiced film criticisms and wait for romance to ensue.

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