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Best Cobb Salad San Francisco 2009 - Chow



215 Church

San Francisco, CA 94114


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A great California tradition (it was invented by Bob Cobb, proprietor of the Brown Derby in Hollywood, during a midnight feeding frenzy through his kitchen's refrigerators and larders), the Cobb salad is a big, bountiful cornucopia of Golden State plenitude with an upscale élan that distinguishes it from other, lesser mixed greens. Chow, a friendly diner-hangout renowned for its farm-fresh victuals, serves an outstanding example of the genre ($7.50 small, $13.25 large). Filets of organic chicken breast, several varieties of greens, big chunks of avocado and tomato, bits of crisp, smoky bacon and hard-boiled egg, and crumbled blue cheese with plenty of pizzazz are drizzled with a tangy tarragon dressing and served, not on the standard difficult-to-attack platter, but in a nice big bowl that lets you toss and spear and nosh as you please.

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