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Best Hipster T-Shirt Designer San Francisco 2009 - Jen D'Angelo

Jen D'Angelo's Nooworks is just about the most adorable San Francisco clothing and accessory company going — and it was started by accident. In 2004, after graduating from California College of the Arts, D'Angelo, a bartender at the Attic, silk-screened an illustration of her dog, Noo Noo, on a T-shirt and began wearing it at work. A local boutique owner saw it and wanted to carry it, so D'Angelo began screening the shirt and other items. Keeping her ecological footprint as small as possible, she uses only organic clothes, California dyes, and local assemblers. That said, her pieces aren't all hippie or über-chic. Instead, they have a cheeky, retro vibe, from a studly Burt Reynolds T-shirt to hot-dog-bedecked sunglasses to ice cream cone pendants. What's not to love about a company that uses "green grass" and "raspberry" for shirt colors and has a whole season of werewolf and zombie items inspired by the horror film classic Evil Dead?

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