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Best Local News Program San Francisco 2009 - Crosscurrents on KALW (91.7 FM)

KALW bucked the trend toward a shrinking mediascape when it launched the 30-minute evening radio news program Crosscurrents last summer. The new show operates on a shoestring budget (like most public radio programs not hosted by Ira Glass), but its production quality is as good as any radio news program in the Bay Area. What separates Crosscurrents from other news shows is its willingness to partner with students, community volunteers, and other media organizations to get a dizzying range of features on the air. Its producers linked with local news Web sites the Public Press and on election coverage, for example. And when they're not chasing down local news, they're scouting out Bay Area bands to feature during broadcasts. You can access a full archive of music and news at Crosscurrents' Web site.

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Bob Becker
Bob Becker

We listen whenever we can, and it has always been a top notch program...interesting, informative, educational.

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