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Best New Online Animated Variety Show San Francisco 2009 - Forest City Rockers

Artist Jay Howell is mostly known for his boners. Not the tents he pops in his own pants, but rather those he procures in his wildly silly (and popular) watercolor paintings of men gone wild. For his latest venture, animated variety show Forest City Rockers, Howell keeps their lower halves clothed but lays that same juvenile humor naked. The Web-only program features cartoons about a motorcycle gang with only one bike — "Everybody else runs." These comedic dudes pool their limited resources in search of new ways to inflict brain damage, from booze to weed to gasoline. Howell works with a team of indie actors, editors, and animators to flesh out his characters, with live action clips ranging from fake commercials (for products like Punk as Fuck beer) to performance footage from human punks Thee Oh Sees, Mayyors, and France's Crash Normal.

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