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Best New Psych Band San Francisco 2009 - Sleepy Sun

The ghosts of Haight Street's acid freaks continue to spike the drinking water of our hometown music community. You can't peruse KUSF's local top 10 list without hitting at least one band that caters to a psychedelic mentality. Most of these groups trip on high volume, heavy drone, and brute force, so when Sleepy Sun came around with a dynamic aesthetic that included some mellower, pop-focused rides, folks took notice. The young band, which moved to San Francisco from Santa Cruz, blends earthy piano jams with dense Zeppelin blues. We like to think of its sound as the zenith where Black Mountain's metal riffage meets Brightblack Morning Light's transcendent soul, its stoner rock laced with heavy-lidded male-female harmonies that soften the blows with subtle sexual tension. With only one CD, Embrace, to their name, these Sleepy kids have already played prestigious festivals here and abroad (SXSW and All Tomorrow's Parties).

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