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Best New Synth-Rockers San Francisco 2009 - Maus Haus

Formed in February 2008 by members of such local bands as Social Studies, Battlehooch, and Pope of Yes, Maus Haus steals synth-rock away from the '80s-minded indie-rockers and makes it weird all over again. Think of '60s freaks like the Silver Apples and the United States of America, groups that made buzzing, fuzzing music that approximated otherworldly space travel awash with meteor showers. Maus Haus' debut disc, Lark Marvels, buzzes and howls under the influence of Krautrock acts like Can as well, layering odd, fragmented verses and pretty "ba-ba" vocals over tick-tock percussion and whirring organs. Crazy and cool all at the same time, Maus Haus puts the rock in raucous.

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