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Best No-Talent-Required Karaoke San Francisco 2009 - Karaoke Night at the Attic - CLOSED

Karaoke Night at the Attic

Karaoke Night at the Attic

3336 24th St.

San Francisco, CA 94110-3825


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Promises of no-pressure karaoke nights are usually false, with even the divey-est, most out-of-the way places sporting their fair share of divas. Not so at the Attic's karaoke night, which happens the third Monday of every month. The complete lack of flair ensures that every flaw in every squeaky voice will be laid bare for the jovial, drunken audience members, who do not care how poorly you sing. There is no stage provided; performers read lyrics from a screen set up on a bar table in a makeshift arena that consists of a couple of booths. What singers lack in talent, they often make up for by leaping from one booth to another or, even better, lying on one while humping the air and ecstatically singing Blondie hits. Always wanted to belt out the Cure's "Lovesong" sans embarrassment and quite possibly to much cheering? This is the place.

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