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Best Novelty Drink San Francisco 2009 - The Bro-seff at the Knockout

The Bro-seff at the Knockout

The Bro-seff at the Knockout

3223 Mission

San Francisco, CA 94110


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Sparks, the candy-flavored alcoholic beverage that once fueled the nights of many a hipster, is not without its detractors. In fact, enough people have complained that the fizzy novelty drink appeals to children that consumer activists were able to get caffeine scratched from its ingredient list. But the sugary drink is still easy to swill, making it an ideal component of the hilariously named Bro-seff. This $6 drink provides the theatricality appreciated by the chest-pounding, collar-popping dudes it's named for. First you get a glass of Sparks and then a shot of Absolut Citron. Pick up the vodka, salute the Drinking Gods, and drop the missile into your Tanglike crack juice. Then lift the concoction to your lips and guzzle it all down in one gulp. Slam the glass on the table, and let the accolades rain down upon you as you holler your favorite Old School quote. Then get ready to go streaking, bro.

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