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Best Place for Dad to Take the Kids San Francisco 2009 - Terra Mia

Terra Mia

Terra Mia

1314 Castro

San Francisco, CA 94114


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It's simple, really, to be a good dad for the afternoon. First, skip teaching your child the finer points of fielding a grounder. Then just pop into Terra Mia, find an open table, pour yourself into the able hands of the staff, and complete the easiest, most satisfying art project imaginable: painting ceramics. Select from among dozens of objects, from cups to plates to dog bowls to statuettes, even skulls for metalhead dads — all bone-white and ready for creativity. Then, bond with your charge over the brushes, loading on the compliments and using any or all of the myriad colors Terra Mia supplies. Whatever you do, the staff will proclaim it a true work of art and spirit it into the back room for later firing, knowing it'll come back smooth, shiny, and impossible not to love. The whole thing costs you the price of the piece (most are well under $20), plus $10 studio time ($5 for kids). Stopping for ice cream on the way home is extra.

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