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Best Place to Detox San Francisco 2009 - Avra Organic Spa

Avra Organic Spa

Avra Organic Spa

505 Beach

San Francisco, CA 94133


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Becoming mindful about your finances doesn't have to mean giving up pampering. It just means trading in your regular ol' day spa ? debutantes, amenity-packed locker rooms, pretentious 'tudes, and all ? for a place like Avra Organic Spa, the perfect retreat for frazzled nerves and conscientious intentions. Avra touts itself as a green spa, which essentially boils down to "waste not, want not." This extends to the decor, as lots of stuff (like the wall hangings, flooring, and stylin' crates used as tabletops for your spa cocktails) comes directly from recycled materials. Avra offers a plethora of wellness programs, including specialized detoxification programs (provided after a thorough consultation with the resident herbalist), botanical medicine, colonics, and customized organic skincare. In Avra's words, "If we clear inner pollution, we will have the strength to cease creating outer pollution." And considering the concomitant stress of economic hardship and overworked, fatigued minds and bodies, pinching pennies on stuff like Frappuccinos to fatten your budget for overall wellness is probably just what the doctor ordered.

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