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Best Place to Learn to Hunt Online San Francisco 2009 - Pacific Rod and Gun Club

Pacific Rod and Gun Club

Pacific Rod and Gun Club

520 John Muir

San Francisco, CA 94132


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For most city dwellers, shooting and gutting your own food is a lost art. There's some reason to believe that's changing: If Berkeley prof and local-food guru Michael Pollan could devote a whole chapter of his landmark food treatise, The Omnivore's Dilemma, to hunting wild pigs, who are we to gainsay him? Ethical considerations aside, the average urbanites are still impeded in their quest for bloodsport by lack of firearms savvy and inexperience in stalking prey. That's where the Pacific Rod and Gun Club can help. It's not just the club's nearby spread on the southwest shore of Lake Merced that recommends it to the novice, but also the convenience of its "distance learning" hunter education class, much of which can be taken online. Other hunter-safety courses usually take place for several hours a day over the span of a week, making them impractical; at PRGC, you can follow up home study with a four-hour field course on a Saturday morning. Load 'em up.

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