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Best Place to Punch It Out San Francisco 2009 - Fight and Fitness

Fight and Fitness

Fight and Fitness

734 Bryant

San Francisco, CA 94107


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You may be angry at your boyfriend, your roommate, the boss who just laid you off, or the co-worker you still have. Let's face it: As the economy goes down the crapper while the barons of high finance make off with gilded bonuses, there's no shortage of things to get fighting mad about. And there's no better place to blow off steam than at Fight and Fitness, an unprepossessing SOMA boxing gym down the street from the Hall of Justice. Its specialty is muay thai, the ancient Thai art of assaulting opponents with the body's "eight weapons" — fists, feet, knees, and elbows — but the gym also offers classes in Western boxing, jujitsu, and mixed martial arts. After a training session with former world-champion kickboxer and gym co-owner Bunkerd Faphimai, one of the kindest and most dangerous humans ever to walk the face of the Earth, you'll be hooked.

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