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Best Renovated Playground San Francisco 2009 - Koret Children's Quarter

According to traditional thinking, the city isn't a good place to raise kids. But traditional thinking hasn't seen Koret Children's Quarter. After a $3.8 million, 18-month renovation, the playground reopened in 2007, and it's a sight to behold. The two-plus-acre site features concrete slides on the hillside, a river to make wet sand, and a frankly terrifying rope tower the height of about eight 5-year-olds, stacked disheveled hair to scuffed heel. The Quarter has all the latest in fort, seesaw, and slippery slide technology, but we have to admire the seemingly fossilized waves standing among the flapping sea turtles — if not for the kids climbing all over them, we'd call it outdoor art. They're just this side of crazy, like the city itself.

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