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Best Sports Bar San Francisco 2009 - Kezar Pub & Restaurant

Kezar Pub & Restaurant

Kezar Pub & Restaurant

770 Stanyan

San Francisco, CA 94117


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Readers' Choice: Kezar Pub & Restaurant

People who run sports bars don't have it easy. They could install all the nicest light fixtures and import a huge selection of draught beers to impress patrons, but it would all be for naught if all those patrons were pulling for a loser. And who are we kidding? Sports fans are not a charming bunch. We make lots of noise, and sometimes we knock over furniture, even when we don't mean to. At Kezar Pub, the staff look past these personal imperfections and let sports fans be sports fans in their presence. The pub opens at 6 a.m. on weekends, so you can watch live international sports events. And if you know it'll be closed when, say, the Australian Open is taking place, and your computer isn't streaming video the way it should, the kind and merciful people at Kezar will program the DVR to record matches so you can watch them the next morning. Let's really try to be more charming the next time we go there, shall we?

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We make lots of noise,louis vuitton and sometimes we knock over furniture

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