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Best Street Performer San Francisco 2009 - Gregory Pike, aka Dog-Cat-Rat Man

San Francisco boasts one of the finest collections of street-dwelling eccentrics to be found anywhere. Let's face it: Where else would a unicyclist clad in a pink unitard or a man convincingly disguised as a bush not take the grand prize in this category? But in a city of stiff competition, one busker/panhandler/dispenser of wisdom and spectacle stands head and shoulders above the rest: Gregory Pike. Since arriving in the city last summer, he has charmed countless tourists with his animal companions, Mousey, Kitty, and Booger — a rat trained to stand on top of a cat trained to stand on top of a dog, respectively. For those averse to the outdoors, this otherworldly stack of natural-born adversaries can be viewed online at Pike's Web site, which features videos and a mechanism for online donations. He accepts all major credit cards — seriously.

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Martha O.
Martha O.

The guy IS a beggar, and has been since his release from Federal Prison in the early 1980′s, and since his Crack-Cocaine (and other?) arrest(s) more recently. He is severely paranoid (for what reason??) and is understood to refuse to openly give his mailing address to even his family members.

Interestingly, Gregory Pike had a very distinguished Brother who had recently raised at least 2 Foster daughters and put one in College, and who was working towards his PH.D.(Gregory's only professional Brother - not Gregory) – before this particular brother of Gregory was forced to flee the U.S. only because of a known false-conviction 25 years ago suddenly (and unlawfully) punishing his harmless Brother (un-provokingly punishing Gregory’s only professional brother 25 years after-the-fact).

This is being mentioned because the apparently jealous Gregory Pike ‘did nothing to prevent/when could have’ the horrific false-conviction long, long ago of Gregory's professional Brother (the only professional in Gregory's psycho-warped family).

So before you judge ‘Gregory Pike’ – the Dog, Cat, Rat man… please think of what the influences he must have had which put him in that lifetime Bum-like situation, therefore what he’s done to some of his family sustaining his dangerous paranoia. Gregory certainly isn’t the primary person to blame for his obvious & evident short-comings in life; it is widely believed that Gregory's Mother was never supposed to have any children due to her family history of mental illnesses, and perhaps [his mother] should have been locked-up instead in the local Psycho Farm.

However, Good job to Mr. Gregory Pike, considering what he had to work with in his unfair life.

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