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Best Bizarre Nightlife Experience San Francisco 2010 - Supperclub San Francisco

Supperclub San Francisco

Supperclub San Francisco

657 Harrison

San Francisco, CA 94107


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Deep in the bowels of this San Francisco nightlife smorgasbord lives a strange and magical blue zebra-bunny. He wears a beard and stiletto heels, and if you ask him the cross-streets of his own establishment, he might just say, "It's the corner of asshole and buttcrack." That's how crazy the zebra-bunny is, which isn't totally surprising, considering that his two-chambered lair contains one upscale dungeon filled with disco balls and one ethereal white dining area populated with giant beds and the occasional fire-dancer. To enter this Narnian perversion can be a shock to the system, but make no mistake. By the end of the night you will have feasted and frolicked among the creatures, and spent a considerable amount of money doing it (from $35 for dinner and the show on Tuesday to $70 on Saturday). We'd like to think that some of that pays for the zebra-bunny's health care.

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