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Best Bleep Beats Blowing Up San Francisco 2010 - Eskmo

In a world of mundane indie electronic acts, live performer Brendan Angelides stands out, and overseas musical heavyweights have taken notice. Respected U.K. labels Warp Records and Planet Mu have both released material by Angelides, who goes by the production and stage tag Eskmo. Local imprints like Surefire Sound and Full Melt have also embraced his innovative music, which pairs unusual percussive elements and colorful synths. "Lazer bass" would be a lazy description, since his music zigzags among multiple genres with rainbow sounds bouncing in unison. His live set at SXSW wowed rock crowds. Angelides has also collaborated on a new single with Ninja Tune's Amon Tobin, and had a track featured on CSI Miami. Throw on his polyrhythmic Hypercolor EP (Ancestor Media) and you'll know why wide swaths of S.F. dance-music enthusiasts gravitate to his fluid music.

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