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Best Consignment Boutique for Men San Francisco 2010 - Sui Generis

Sui Generis

Sui Generis

2265 Market

San Francisco, CA 94114


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This town is full of gents who believe that clothing is good for a single season. Let them go on thinking that. After they've barely worn that shirt from Barneys or that tie from Hermès, they're likely to drop it off at Sui Generis, a classy little shop in the Castro that offers posh brands at Banana Republic prices. This isn't one of those vintage stores where you're rewarded with the occasional wearable piece after pawing through a pile of rags. Instead, owners Miguel Lopez and Gabriel Yanez merchandise the hell out of their upscale wares — creating a shopping experience that neither looks nor smells like that discount store of yore.

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online consignment
online consignment

This is really a great news as I was looking for such place where I can buy clothes for myself. I will definitely look forward to the place. I am glad I visited here and come to know about it.

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