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Best Dry Cleaning San Francisco 2010 - Clothespin Cleaners

Clothespin Cleaners

Clothespin Cleaners

242 Townsend

San Francisco, CA 94107


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Service with a smile is more often than not service with a forced smile. This is not the case at Clothespin Cleaners, which gets your clothes spotless and does it with élan and pep. You've got stained suede? No problem. A hole in a designer silk top? Oh, please. Stains and rips disappear as if a magician had waved a wand over them. Pleats are pressed with care. It's not unusual to return to pick up your stuff and hear, "It's not clean enough. We're going to try harder." While the people who work here aren't actually magicians who can make every mark go away, rest assured that you'll be hard pressed to find cleaners who will try so hard while also remembering their customers' names. Rates range from $4.95 for a dress shirt to $37.50 for a comforter, but the friendly attitude is priceless.

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The best reason to go to Clothespin Cleaners is to marvel at the absurdity of the service. Folded shirts that are hung, heavily-starched shirts that are not, dry cleaning and shirts that are not ready when promised, mending that is amateurishly undertaken, a demeanor that is not friendly, etc., are all good reasons to try this place. What one really wants, after about 7 visits, is a good old fashioned Chinese laundry... no frills, no computers, no MBA type owner/manager, just common sense, get it right the first time, open the doors promptly, on time, etc., cleaning and laundry service.

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