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Best Fancy Movie Theater San Francisco 2010 - Sundance Kabuki Cinema

Sundance Kabuki Cinema

Sundance Kabuki Cinema

1881 Post

San Francisco, CA 94115


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The Sundance Kabuki is a fantastic place to watch movies for the same reason that your house is a great place to watch movies: 1. You can drink beer. 2. You can recline in your big-ass seat, which you reserved ahead of time, and rest your beer on the table next to you. 3. You can eat something other than popcorn: for instance, ahi tuna tartare from the bar/bistro on the second floor, or bizarre Japanese candies you brought in from the nearby market. 4. Your selection of movies isn't limited to Blockbuster or a blockbuster: The Kabuki shows lots of random stuff and hosts the International and Asian film festivals. Yeah, $11 a ticket is pricey, but that's what movies cost everywhere nowadays, so you might as well suck it up and drink some beer in your big-ass balcony seat.

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