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Best Fashion Plate San Francisco 2010 - Chloe Harris

Native Dallasite and current San Franciscan Chloe Harris doesn't look like either of her cities. Of course, we're relying on our Texas stereotypes here, but her sleek designer looks don't run to large ruffles, the color fuchsia, or rhinestones (unless they work, of course). And with her au courant pieces, she doesn't seem to have picked up any of our hometown's tendencies to thoughtless ethnic prints, fleece pullovers, or all-weather sandals, either. However, in Harris' get-'er-done attitude — she's a freelance writer, the style editor of SFist, and more — we sense Texas. With her wife, accomplished photographer Frankie Frankeny, she also runs the excellent (and stylish, natch) JustMarried, an "online peek into their ongoing conversation about marriage" — this seems very San Francisco. We imagine Harris writing it while arrayed in tasteful daywear (she is often photographed wearing scarves). Known and admired for all this, Harris is also beloved for something very, very few other S.F. ladies do: heels. In her stilettos, pumps, or "gloriously glossy, eco-friendly Marni platforms," she breaks down stereotypes with her brain and her hard work, not her acquiescence to frumpery.

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