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Best Gay Pop Band San Francisco 2010 - Hunx and His Punx

When Gravy Train!!!! went on hiatus a few years back, the Bay Area lost one of its funnest bands. The only upside, really, was that coleader Hunx was forced to start a new group, one that was even more homoriffic than the last one. Hunx and His Punx's debut collection — released in February on Panther Sounds, also home to local outfit Girls —is called Gay Singles for a reason. You can forget any kind of subtext, as songs like "Cruising" and "Good Kisser" celebrate love homo-a-homo in giddy, in-your-face fashion. Hunx steals the best parts of the Ramones, the Sweet, and the Ronettes, and mixes stomping beats, raunchy guitar riffs, and hilarious couplets (who else would rhyme "retarded" and "broken-hearted"?) into a frothy retro-punk cocktail. Live, the band is even more outrageous, slathered with glitter and draped with gaudy costumery. If you don't like Hunx and His Punx, then you don't like rock 'n' roll.

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