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Best Geekout San Francisco 2010 - Neon Monster

Neon Monster

Neon Monster

901 Castro

San Francisco, CA 94114


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It's not easy being a geek these days. Competitive nerddom requires constant vigilance to maintain a stash of the latest designer toys, the freshest underground graphic novels, and the "you heard it at my house first" vinyl collection (someone has to educate friends on what's good; might as well be you). This is why the geek gods at Neon Monster keep their arsenal of Kidrobot and GAMA-GO toys and custom resin playthings crafted by local artists stocked and ready for deployment. Your work cubicle will never be the same (what is, after an invasion by Dr. Dayglow's Beasts?), while your roommates will secretly hate you for being so effortlessly edgy. While Neon Monster offers plenty of whimsy and escapism to please the amateur thrill-hunters, seekers of upper-crust urbanity would do well to peep the collection of limited-run silk-screen prints from top illustrators and artists such as Josh Cochran and James Marshall.

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