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Best KJ San Francisco 2010 - Glenny Kravitz Loggins-Messina

Karaoke jockey Glenny Kravitz Loggins-Messina loves you. Or maybe he's making fun of you. Either way, chances are good he's standing beside you, playing his signature fake guitar, not-real keyboards, or obviously plastic saxophone while you either humiliate or distinguish yourself in song. From where we sit, his job looks like our version of hell. Journey song after Journey song after Journey song, he cues it up, calls your name, and rocks out next to you, often soulfully harmonizing with even the most off-key performers. He's like a nurse on the front lines; a saint among the lepers. But he seems to like or even love it, a staggering four nights out of every single week. "Wed: 7 Mile House. Thurs: Pissed-Off Pete's. Sunday: 500 Club Happy Hour. Tuesday: Amnesia," he wrote to us when we asked. How? Why? He does weddings, birthdays, and other parties on top of his regular schedule. He is the wind beneath your wings.

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Congratz, Glenn!

You're the best KJ around and we love you!

Might I add, I made my first LTR at one of your parties. We are still great friends...

Vanessa Villacarlos
Vanessa Villacarlos

Glenny is our favorite at 7 Mile House! He consistently performs a great show -- every single Wednesday! Great job, Glenny, you deserve this award!

Some guy
Some guy

Yeah, hired that dude for a private party once, it was awesome! Really helps make it fun.

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