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Best Local Jewelry Store-Gallery Hybrid San Francisco 2010 - Inclusions Gallery

Inclusions Gallery

Inclusions Gallery

627 Cortland

San Francisco, CA 94110


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Tucked into the cutest, friendliest neighborhood in San Francisco is the cutest, friendliest gallery and jewelry store with the cutest, friendliest proprietor. Her name is Lisa Moro, and her gallery, Inclusions, couldn't be more appropriately named. Moro, an effervescent evangelist for local and community everything, makes all her gallery's visitors feel like they belong. She has her own line of tribal silver jewelry, and is also the curator of plenty of other funky jewelry and art. As part of recent exhibit "Once Upon a Time," the store displayed the works of Remy Charlip, a beloved octogenarian choreographer and children's-book author. Having him attend the opening made perfect sense, as Charlip is pretty much the cutest, friendliest guy around.

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