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Best Local Version of Radiohead San Francisco 2010 - Geographer

At first listen, you wouldn't compare Geographer to Radiohead. The local trio consists of a skinny, long-haired dude playing one of those electronic cellos, a boxy-shaped baldie behind the drum kit, and a bearded New Jersey transplant with his fingers on stack upon stack of keyboards. But when the threesome launches into a tune like "Original Sin" from its recent Tricycle Records EP, Animal Shapes, the same undeniable wow factor is at work. Mike Deni's falsetto is as strikingly beautiful an instrument as Thom Yorke's, while the epic cello parts, the clubworthy programmed beats, and the otherworldly guitar riffs recall the best of Kid A. Picked by Spin as one of "Three Undiscovered Bands You Need to Hear Now," Geographer may just be San Francisco's next big thing. Radiohead, take note.

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Jim Smidj
Jim Smidj

Radiohead? Dunno about that.

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