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Best One-Dish Feast San Francisco 2010 - Dolsot bibimbap from Han Il Kwan

Dolsot bibimbap from Han Il Kwan

Dolsot bibimbap from Han Il Kwan

1802 Balboa

San Francisco, CA 94121


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It's almost as miraculous as the New Testament story of the loaves and fishes. Order the stone-bowl bibimbap at this Richmond Korean restaurant — that's one dish, costing less than $15 — and your table will be covered in plates: a crunchy, tangerine-sized mung-bean pancake to begin the meal, followed by nine small plates of pickles and side dishes. Your sizzling rice bowl, its surface covered by vegetables, beef, and a quivering fried egg, will be accompanied by a smaller bowl of tofu soup. And when you're finally overwhelmed and overstuffed, the waiter will bring your check with one last dish: a glass of a sweet rice drink called sikye.

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