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Best Place to Buy a Vintage Globe San Francisco 2010 - Room 4

Room 4

Room 4

904 Valencia

San Francisco, CA 94110


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A stack of vintage porn sitting next to some tight male undies and a pair of horn-rim glasses? No, it's not your dad's closet, but it could be. Room 4 is a vintage boutique with a masculine bent — one wall is covered in men's shirts and belts with quirky buckles. But there's something for everyone in this store jam-packed with housewares, like colorful tins, framed portraits of serious-looking businessmen, hotel ashtrays, and jaunty side tables. Quite often, you can find that most coveted piece of vintage flair — the globe, baby blue, perched in a metal stand, and dotted with pastel countries with names like Siam and the U.S.S.R. These gems fly out the door, but a new one always pops up, and it's rare to find one over $35. Sound like a lot? Then you, my friend, are not a serious vintage globe shopper.

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