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Best Place to Buy Edible Amphibians San Francisco 2010 - Chinatown Live Animal Markets

You awaken, blurry-eyed, the remnants of last night's whiskey leaving your pores in a cold sweat. Only one thing will do, and it ain't the Denny's Grand Slam breakfast. What you're really craving for your sour stomach on this Sunday morning is a slimy turtle — slaughtered, deshelled, and hacked into pieces before your eyes. Okay, okay: We admit that craving freshly killed amphibians as hangover food is an unlikely scenario. But who's to say you might not want to try a culinary adventure when your spirits are up and your stomach fortified? For intrepid eaters, San Francisco's Chinatown boasts one of the highest concentrations of live-animal markets — featuring turtles and frogs, as well as live fish and fowl — of any city in the U.S. Meandering through the cluster of storefronts at the corner of Stockton and Jackson is an activity unto itself, sort of like touring an edible petting zoo. And who's to say some damp, beady-eyed creature might not capture your heart and beckon to your taste buds?

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