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Best Place to Meet a Friendly Ghost San Francisco 2010 - Hotel Majestic

Hotel Majestic

Hotel Majestic

1500 Sutter

San Francisco, CA 94109


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Ever since a creepy bartender encouraged a crazed Jack Nicholson to axe his family to death in an empty ski resort, people have got it into their heads that hotel ghosts are to be avoided at all costs. But the specter who lives at the stately Hotel Majestic means its patrons no harm. The Majestic was built as a residence by railroad tycoon Milton Schmidt, and was subsequently turned into a hotel that survived the 1906 earthquake. Schmidt's daughter supposedly haunts the hotel, and her portrait hangs in the lobby. Oh, sure, she may fill bathtubs, rattle keys, and shake guests' beds, but it's all meant in the, er, spirit of good fun. She doesn't want to tempt your kid to play in an elevator full of blood. She just wants you to take a relaxing bath.

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