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Best Playground with a View San Francisco 2010 - Walter Haas Playground

Walter Haas Playground

Walter Haas Playground

Diamond Heights

San Francisco, CA 94131


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At some point, all parents wonder why they're trying to raise kids in San Francisco instead of Walnut Creek (usually that point involves seeing wide-eyed tweens wandering the Mission, or someone defecating al fresco). That's when a trip to Haas is in order. Perched atop Diamond Heights, it features a newish playground, an undulating grass field, a basketball court, a dog run, and — wait. Forget all that, for now, because on your first visit you'll be pulled to the tree-lined edge, where God wants you to behold the view he hath given parents who stick it out: the City. It's expansive, glorious, and bedazzled with buildings, bridges, hills, valleys, the middle finger that is the Rincon, the bay, and beyond the bay, somewhere in the haze, Nowheresville. Even the most had-it parent can be heard whispering to the muse, "Okay, you've got us for another year, you magnificent bitch."

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