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Best Public-Transit Ballet San Francisco 2010 - San Francisco Trolley Dances

Graffiti and a foul-smelling dude's "performance art" of wild gestures are usually as inspired as it gets on Muni. Yet each October, Kim Epifano's Epiphany Productions stages "San Francisco Trolley Dances," a free series of dance pieces that brings art to the people, using Muni train stops as its stage. Last year, folkloric Mexican dancers greeted the passengers-audience in Dolores Park, who were then led to the J-Church train stop by a modern dancer who used a sign pole as a prop. As the train and audience rolled down Church, ballroom dancers tangoed up benches and newspaper stands alongside the tracks before waving goodbye as the train pulled away. Hip-hop and modern troupes awaited disembarking passengers in Balboa Park, and synchronized swimmers staged a finale at the city pool. You'll never look at your commute quite the same way again.

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