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Best Sporting Spectacle on Wheels San Francisco 2010 - Roller Derby at Kezar Pavilion

Roller Derby at Kezar Pavilion

Roller Derby at Kezar Pavilion

755 Stanyan

San Francisco, CA 94117


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Roller derby was already in the midst of a renaissance when Drew Barrymore made it official with Whip It, her 2009 film about the adventures of a scrappy crew of derby-playing punk chicks. But nothing beats the thrill of watching men and women sporting roller skates and scant protective padding crunch the shit out of each other live and in the flesh. Luckily for San Franciscans, we have a formidable hometown team. The San Francisco Bay Bombers periodically play home games on a banked wooden track at Kezar Pavilion during the spring and summer, and tickets run only $10 — quite a steal, so long as you don't mind dodging the snarling skaters who occasionally go careening over the track rails. Can you say "lowbrow date night"?

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