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Best Up-and-Coming Playwright San Francisco 2010 - Enrique Urueta

Comedy seldom gets taken seriously. But a good comedic playwright is a serious find, especially when he or she writes with the zany energy and boundless tastelessness of San Francisco's Enrique Urueta. His newest play, Learn to Be Latina, plays like an episode of VH1's Behind the Music as reimagined by Eric Cartman — a sharp satire exploring the intersection between the American recording industry and contemporary identity politics. Big as those issues may be, Urueta isn't afraid to tackle them. Nor is he afraid to include a brilliant sight gag involving a sock puppet, an Aimee Mann song, and a glory hole. He is, in other words, the real deal — and judging from the explosions of laughter from the audience at Latina's premiere, it might be time to take him very seriously indeed.

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Wow, SF Weekly! Thanks so much! I really appreciate this. I'm glad I could show the world the magic of glory holes. :-)

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