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Best Brazilian Snacks Shop San Francisco 2011 - Sun Stream Coffee

Sun Stream Coffee

Sun Stream Coffee

2884 Geary

San Francisco, CA 94118


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Olivio Ferrante's tiny and unassuming coffee shop boasts the widest assortment of homemade Brazilian snacks in the city. Try the salgados, savory fried or baked pastries filled with beef, ham, chicken, cheese, corn, or vegetables. Our favorites are the coxinhas ($3), fried dumplings filled with shredded chicken and Catupiry cheese. They're roughly shaped to resemble drumsticks, a clue to their filling. Hot sauce squeeze bottles can add heat to the pastries; one or two drops is enough. Another bestseller is Brazil's most popular snack, the pão de queijo ($2.20), a crusty cheese roll. On the sweet side, locals are fond of the açai na tigela com banana ($6), an açai fruit smoothie with bananas, topped with granola. Coffee drinks, fruit smoothies, and juices fill the rest of the menu.

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