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Best Chance to Sleep with Buster Posey San Francisco 2011 - Wednesday, Aug. 10, AT&T Park

Wednesday, Aug. 10, AT&T Park

Wednesday, Aug. 10, AT&T Park

24 Willie Mays Plaza

San Francisco, CA 94107


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The reigning Rookie of the Year is a married man, as the ladies in the crowd are well aware, and we would never, ever endorse or condone any behavior beyond winking and waving from the lower boxes. Anyway, it's about time you learned to share your, ahem, admiration with all those innocent younger fans who idolize the Giants' hunky, down-to-earth catcher. So you're welcome to join the family-oriented crowd at the Giants' ninth annual Slumber Party, following the Aug. 10 day game against the Pittsburgh Pirates. The festivities include games; movies and pizza; a night under the fog-obscured stars; and breakfast in the outfield. All you need is a sleeping bag and some disposable income (tickets run $187.50-$200, including a seat at the game) to join the most endearing tent city you'll ever see in California.

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