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Best DIY Vertical Garden San Francisco 2011 - PlantsOnWalls



1190 Bryant

San Francisco, CA 94103

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It's the best of both worlds: city living and growing your own garden. Living Wall Panels from PlantsOnWalls contain all hardware needed to start an outdoor vertical garden of strawberries, basil, or whatever you choose, ranging in size from one that can fit on a fire escape ($44) to ones that rival small billboards ($198). If you want to bring the outdoors in, try the Living Wall Kits that keep all plant elements in a galvanized steel frame that hangs like a painting. They range from about the size of the Starry Night ($528) up to the size of some Mission District murals ($2,124). All panels and kits can be purchased through the website, but if you're a try-before-you-buy type, visit the Bryant Street gallery, by appointment only, to see the wall hangs in all their blooming glory.

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Ethel Gray
Ethel Gray

There are many garden show now that offers vertical gardening, it's a practical and easy way to have a beautiful garden even if you're living in a city.

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