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Best Excuse to Break Out the Plaid Slacks San Francisco 2011 - American Idle's Punk Rock Karaoke

We will never be Henry Rollins — we've got about 20 tats, 20 tours of the country by van, and 20 years in the gym ahead of us before we can get close to Hank — but we can sound like him (kinda) when we belt out the Black Flag tunes that made our upbringings so much less comfortable at Punk Rock Karaoke. A semiregular feature at Milk Bar — check the listings to stay current and to stay prepared — American Idle rips out Dead Kennedys, Misfits, Minor Threat, and other tunes from the golden age of punk rock, 30 long, anger-filled years ago. Sellouts who long ago traded studded leather for suburban pleasure can dust off the howl and remember, if just for a night, what it was like to be young, angry, and scrupulous, when a mixtape was a mixtape and a blog was called a zine.

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