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Best Museum to Spend Your Lunch Break San Francisco 2011 - San Francisco Cable Car Museum

San Francisco Cable Car Museum

San Francisco Cable Car Museum

1201 Mason

San Francisco, CA 94108


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The Louvre, the Met, the British Museum: Put in gastronomic terms, these museums are Roman-sized feasts — without the benefit of a vomitorium. But sometimes you don't want a multicourse banquet. Sometimes you just want lunch. Or, more relevantly, a museum at which to spend your lunch break. Enter the San Francisco Cable Car Museum. If there's a more perfect place to while away 35 blissful minutes, we haven't found it — at least when it comes to free city museums. Those with even the slightest bit of interest in Andrew Smith Hallidie's magnificent creations will be entranced by vintage signs, parts, films, and other cable car ephemera. But the mesmerizing highlights of the museum are the gargantuan, ever-turning "winding wheels" that pull the eponymous cables — making $5 one-way tourist rides a reality.

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