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Best Netflix Alternative San Francisco 2011 - Top Video World

Top Video World

Top Video World

347 Judah

San Francisco, CA 94122


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Getting DVDs in the mail is fine and dandy, but waiting for your mail carrier to show up so you can swap out seasons of Dexter or advance the plot of True Blood is hella lame. Wouldn't it be great if, at the end of the movie, you could just go back to the video store and pick out five more DVDs? Instant gratification isn't dead, and Top Video World has your number. Grab up to five titles at a time ($35.99/month), including all the new releases, and keep them all as long as you like. Finish a movie? Come back that same day and exchange it for another. Wonder what to pick? Ask a real human being instead of your computer, which never really loved you anyway. Or knew anything about film.

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