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Best New Insta-Mag San Francisco 2011 - Longshot Magazine

Some people say that print is on its deathbed. Maybe they weren't aware that in San Francisco last May, hundreds of young magazine enthusiasts and professionals collaborated to put out a general-interest glossy magazine in just two days, complete with narrative journalism, interviews, fiction, cartoons, obscure histories, photo-essays, and more. The writing, design, editing, photography, printing, and shipping of Longshot Magazine's issue zero — the appropriately titled "Hustle" — all happened over the span of a single weekend, and the outcome didn't even suck. The new magazine won a Knight-Batten Award from the Institute of Interactive Journalism, and the BBC identified it as part of the new appetite for experimentation. The one thing that did suck was a copyright lawsuit over its former name, 48 HR Magazine, but we say Longshot sounds better anyway. Print 1: Death of Print 0.

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