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Best Place for Someone Else to Grow Your Own San Francisco 2011 - Potspace

Do you have an evil landlord, a lack of lights, a hopelessly brown thumb, or an otherwise inability to grow your own medical marijuana? Enter Potspace, as in space for your pot. A collective of patients will, for a nominal fee, tend a cannabis plant for you from seedling to flowering female. Vegetating is done outdoors in the sun, provided it's not the rainy season, and flowering is under the lights in tightly controlled conditions. All you need to do is take it home and trim it — which means more for you! Keep the sweet leaf and turn it into butter or oil, or invest in some hash bags and stretch those ounces far. What risk there is — and we're talking spider mites or powdery mildew, seeing as this is all legal — is all Potspace's, leaving you with nothing but reward. And peace with your nasal-Nazi neighbors.

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