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Best Place to Buy Taxidermy Animals San Francisco 2011 - Paxton Gate

Paxton Gate

Paxton Gate

824 Valencia

San Francisco, CA 94110


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Dead has never looked so alive. A small yellow chick with wings stretched out ($98), a mouse Hamlet midrecital ($105), a European beaver standing on a log ($650), all forever caught in one pose. With artistic oddities, jewelry, animal skeletons, and plants, Paxton Gate looks more like a vintage natural science museum that doubles as a shop. The taxidermy collection at this Valencia Street store ranges from $78 for a Mexican tourist mouse in sombrero to $3,500 for a roaring lion's head. In between is an assortment of other taxidermy animals, including a hyena, a lamb, and an African civet. If you've ever wanted to own an animal you never have to say goodbye to, this is the place to go.

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I love Paxton! You have to stop by to see the rare wax anatomical human heart models as well-- creepy chic!

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