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Best Place to Watch an Incoming Tsunami (Non-Idiot Version) San Francisco 2011 - Grand View Park

Grand View Park

Grand View Park

14th Ave.

San Francisco, CA 94122

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In much the same way your hands are inevitably drawn to any surface marked "Wet Paint" — only vastly stupider —news of a possible March tsunami spurred hundreds of San Franciscans to gather at Ocean Beach and wait. This is an inevitably unsatisfying proposition. Either nothing happens — and you're disappointed; or you die — and you're dead. In the case of curiosity, or schadenfreude, or whatever compels your need to see a potential tsunami striking the city's west end, the best place to go is definitely Grand View Park. The hill looming over the Sunset provides a stunning, near-360-degree view of the city; it isn't called Grand View Park for nothing. And if the tsunami fails to inundate the Ocean Beach idiots, it's still an attractive place to be.

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