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Best Radio Station San Francisco 2011 - KUSF in Exile

To West Coast cognoscenti, Rice-A-Roni is no San Francisco treat; they would sooner survive on a diet of Folk Law, Ragtime Machine, and In the Soul Kitchen with DJ Harry D. Those are the names of shows once heard on radio station KUSF, 90.3 FM. But those shows seemed to have been lost when the station's owner, the University of San Francisco, sold it on Jan. 18. But the DJs and other volunteers simply couldn't let their audience down, so they created a home in exile. They obtained streaming-audio bandwidth donated by New Jersey indie station WFMU, rented studio space in the Bayview, and made a version of the old lineup, relaunching silenced shows and putting together some new ones. As of press time, the FCC hadn't given approval to USF's sale of the station; there existed an ever-so-slim chance the volunteers-in-exile might somehow scrape together money to buy the station themselves. An even surer bet is to listen to the station online.

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Thank you SF Weekly for recognizing the courageous efforts of a group of very passionate people. Volunteers passionate for music and community radio in San Francisco.


I will forever associate the Tuesday-at-noon air raid siren with DJ Carolyn, my favorite DJ. Listen via iTunes:

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